The catchphrase "Cleveland versus the world" has been prominent throughout the Indians' run to the World Series.

Now, it has extended to the broadcast booth.

Fans were unhappy with Joe Buck of FOX Sports and his seemingly endless praise of the Cubs during the broadcasts of Games 1 and 2.

In particular, the swooning over Kyle Schwarber was nothing short of agonizing. His return from a devastating leg injury is an important storyline to be sure.

But FOX announcers spent an enormous amount of time during the Game 2 broadcast fawning over Schwarber, with little mention of Danny Salazar, who also made his debut return from injury.

It led fans to respond with tweets like this:

Unhappy fans have begun an online petition to have Buck replaced by Bob Uecker. Yes, none other than Harry Doyle himself! You remember his call of the Indians' magical win over the Yankees in 'Major League,' don't you?

Buck seems like he's open to at least sharing the booth with Uecker, who is the real voice of the Milwaukee Brewers:

Here's hoping the Indians will provide enough highlights on the field for Buck and the rest of the FOX crew.