We’ve heard of a house divided during the political season, but what about during the World Series? A couple cheering for two teams under one roof.

“Yes, we do have a house divided,” said Kristen Glaspell. “I’m a Cubs fans and he’s an Indians fan and when Luke was born, I agreed that he could be a Cleveland sports fan.”

It’s a happy compromise, but for Kristen, it’s hard not to slip in her love for the Cubs.

“Every once in a while I’ll whisper ‘Go Cubbies’ to him. But as long as long as he knows where his mama’s from, I’m okay with that.”

Kristen grew up in Illinois and spent six years in Chicago, so it’s no surprise where her loyalty stands. For her husband Ryan, it’s a lifestyle.

“I’ve been a Cleveland sports fan my whole life,” said Ryan. “I grew up playing baseball. Always loved the Indians. So when we had a son, it was important to me that he was an Indians fan too, so I’m glad that he is.”

But in the end, it’s all about being a team player.

“I hope he learns that sports are fun and it’s a good way to have a connection as a family.”