The All-Star Game is coming at a good time. Finally, baseball can return to center stage and say, "Hey guys, remember me?"

I've been thinking about this. Are we passing on America's favorite pastime?

Look at what's been getting all the attention. Baseball started and was soon replaced on the front pages by the NBA. The Donald Sterling controversy, and then the TV ratings, started jumping all the way to the NBA finals. 18 million watched and stuck with the Spurs blowing out the Heat in Game 5.

Then, after the NFL draft, America gave all of its attention to the World Cup. Soccer? The United States team became the media darlings and captured our hearts, our TVs and our internet. Don't be surprised. Five Major League Soccer teams are drawing more fans than the Cleveland Indians.

Then came the chase for LeBron James. We greeted him back here while the nation said, "Baseball who?"

17 Major League teams have lower attendance this year. Do we even pay attention? Name the three pitchers with no-hitters this year? Can you name the team with the best record?

My point is this: It's getting easier to forget about baseball. Games are getting longer. Baseball doesn't have a national superstar like LeBron, or Peyton Manning, or Tiger that can carry the TV ratings by himself. Baseball is making money, but losing fans.

It better enjoy tonight, because NFL training camps start in 11 days.


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