Last night's baseball all-star game was fun. But remember yesterday, I said baseball is in trouble. It's losing fans.

We had Little League tryouts over the weekend. Each player announced if they would have any conflicts during the season. Lots of kids said yes, that they're also playing soccer, football and lacrosse. When I was young, we didn't have conflicts. We lived at the ballpark.

The kids in my neighborhood are now playing soccer every day, recreating their own World Cup. I hear them shouting out things like "extra time" and "nil." Nil? It was "zero" in my day.

But last night showed that the one thing baseball still does right is the all-star game. They honor their heroes by giving the proper goodbye to guys like Derek Jeter, while showcasing the younger stars like Mike Trout who plays on the West Coast and we rarely see him. His games are past my bedtime.

This all-star game still has offense and defense. It's the closest to a real game. The Pro Bowl, NBA and NHL all-star games are more like video games. There's more scoring in those games than a pinball machine.

I've stopped watching the other all-star games, but not this one. Baseball has been losing fans, headlines, and interest but not last night. It's good to see the best of the best, play their best. and not treat it just like a paid vacation.


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