As the city of Cleveland celebrated the Cleveland Indians' trip to the World Series, many companies gave employees the option to celebrate by wearing Tribe gear to work.

One of those companies was MetroHealth.

In an internal memo that's been circulating online, the company asked employees to wear Tribe gear that didn't feature the Chief Wahoo mascot.

Here's the full message:

In recognition of the Cleveland Indians making it to the World Series, you’re invited to wear team apparel or red, white and blue colors to work on Tuesday, October 25.

We love your enthusiasm for the team, but ask that you keep it professional (no denim, sweatpants, etc.) In addition, as an institution we want to express our pride respectfully, without images that are counter to the inclusive, welcoming, affirming and respectful culture we are trying to build here at MetroHealth.

Please refrain from wearing Chief Wahoo branded apparel. As we root on our team and celebrate our wins, let’s remember that nothing is more important than being here for our patients – in mind, body and spirit.

Showing up for work and supporting your colleagues in patient care is what real team spirit is all about.

Those wearing Cleveland Indians apparel, please join us at the Quad for a photo op that will be shared on social media. We will be forming a “C” at noon, Tuesday, October 25. See you at the Quad. Go Tribe!

The company reiterated they didn't explicitly ban the gear in an email to WKYC Wednesday afternoon.

"Our culture is to be inclusive and respectful, which is why we asked that employees refrain from Chief Wahoo apparel on Spirit Day," a MetroHealth spokesperson wrote. "We haven't banned anything. In asking this of our employees, MetroHealth is being true to our core values. Two of which include respect and inclusion and diversity."

What do you think about the situation? Has your company banned clothes featuring Wahoo?

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