Collectors' items can get a bit strange.

Some people collect baseball cards. Nineties kids collected Beanie Babies. Others collect coins.

Or, you can collect bobbleheads, which can get weirdly specific. For example? A Trevor Bauer drone bobblehead.

The Reno Aces, triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, are hosting the giveaway during which fans can get a bobblehead we assume will feature Bauer, his drone and possibly his bloody finger.

The giveaway is scheduled for Aug. 19 at Greater Nevada Field.

Bauer's already aware of the giveaway and he's been a good sport about it. In fact, it appears that the Aces will hook him up with his own bobblehead:

Bauer is no stranger to the Aces, having played for them in 2012, when he was with the Diamondbacks organization.