Major League Baseball has filed for judicial review on a case regarding the use of Chief Wahoo inside Toronto's Rogers Centre.

Last month, a case calling for the ban of Chief Wahoo's use inside Toronto's Rogers Centre, home to the Blue Jays, moved forward in court.

Activist Douglas Cardinal won an interim decision to proceed with the case, which claims the use of the Cleveland Indians team name and Chief Wahoo logo is discriminatory. Cardinal is seeking a ban of the team's name and logo on its uniforms while visiting the Rogers Centre.

On June 23, MLB lawyers filed application for judicial review, the Toronto Star reports.

According to the Star, the league argues that the decision should be set aside based on jurisdiction issues. MLB is questioning whether the tribunal has jurisdiction to prohibit the use of registered trademarks. MLB also claims the league would suffer "irreparable harm" if the case continues without the tribunal having proper jurisdiction.

Cardinal's complaints first surfaced last fall, during the American League Championship Series. Cardinal attempted to have the team name and logo blocked as the Indians faced the Blue Jays in the series, but an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled the Indians could use the name and logo.