The Huffington Post reports that all of the Cleveland Indians' championship gear made prior to the World Series will be destroyed rather than donated to people in need.

Losing team gear is traditionally donated to nonprofits like World Vision, Huffington Post reports. For example, last year's New York Mets' losing World Series gear was sent to people in developing countries.

But this year, MLB says the losing team's gear will simply be destroyed.

According to Matt Bourne, VP of MLB Business Public Relations, the reason is " to protect the team from inaccurate merchandise being available or visible in the general marketplace," he told Huffington Post.

Experts say exporting secondhand clothing to underdeveloped nations, where the goods are distributed by nonprofits and wholesalers, can negatively impact local clothing industries.

In other words, donating secondhand clothing "may do more harm than good," Huffington Post says.

However, Bourne said he would not attribute MLB's decision to destroy the shirts to the potential negative impact they could have on developing nations' local industries. He also would not tell Huffington Post how many shirts and gear will be destroyed, or how they will be destroyed.