As the World Series gets set to begin between the Indians and the Cubs on Tuesday, Ohio's elected officials are engaging in some friendly wagering with their counterparts from Illinois.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner started the fun with this video tweet to Ohio Governor John Kasich:

Kasich was quick to respond:

U.S. Senators from Ohio and Illinois have come up with friendly wagers as well.

Winners will receive local beer brewed from the losing team's city.

If the Indians win, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman will receive Goose Island beer from their party counterparts Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk. Durbin will deliver the beer to Brown's office, while Portman will receive a case of Goose Island 312 from Kirk.

If Chicago prevails, Kirk will receive a case of Great Lakes Brewing Company's Oktoberfest beer from Portman. Brown will have to deliver beer from the Platform Beer Co. to Durbin.

“As a lifelong Indians fan, I know that a World Series win for Cleveland is long overdue – and this is the year,” said Brown. “I’m proud to stand alongside my fellow Clevelanders in cheering for the Indians and I can’t wait to see my city bring home another championship!”

“This has been an incredible year for the city of Cleveland,” Portman stated. “The Cavs ended a long championship drought and now the Indians have the opportunity to do the same. I’m looking forward to celebrating an Indians World Series victory with a Goose Island beer.”