They say time heals all wounds.

I'm not sure that's the case for Cleveland Indians fans.

Do you realize that exactly one year ago this evening, we were witnessing Game 7 of the 2016 World Series at Progressive Field as the Tribe battled the Chicago Cubs.

Something had to give that night: Either the Indians 68 year run without a title or the Cubs 108 year drought HAD to end.

How incredible was that night? The Wild Thing himself was there!

The Cubs looked like they were about to coast to the title as they went into the 8th inning leading 6-3 with their closer Aroldis Chapman in command. Then in one magical moment, everything changed.

Thanks, @rajai11davis.

— Cleveland Indians (@Indians) January 4, 2017

That home run was iconic for so many reasons, not the least of which was the reaction coming from the man who had helped deliver the city its first world title in any sport since 1964.

That was such a Cleveland moment. We all came together and shared a collective hug.

There was the rain delay (let the record reflect once again that WKYC's Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling was NOT AT FAULT). And then the loss.

So why do we still care? Why does this still hurt?

1. The 2016 Cleveland Indians awoke a sleeping giant in this town

The 2016 Tribe rekindled our love of baseball and made Progressive Field a fun place to be again. The Indians went over 2 million in attendance in 2017 with sellouts aplenty. Fans fell in love with a new generation of stars like Francisco Lindor, Andrew Miller, Corey Kluber, Jose Ramirez, and on and on.

2. While you see a chance, take it.

I tweeted this after watching the Houston Astros celebrate winning their first World Series at Dodger Stadium last night. The Astros were an absolute disaster for years, but finally were able to turn things around. But who knows about the future? Remember how excited Mets fans were about making it to the Series in 2015 with that young starting pitching staff? Where have they been since?

The point is, nothing is guaranteed. Despite being injury-ravaged, the 2016 Tribe made it all the way to the Fall Classic and led the Cubs 3 games to 1. And they couldn't finish the job.

The 2017 Indians were a powerhouse. They won 102 games, including an American League record 22 in a row. They were healthy and going into October playing well. And still, they couldn't win, dropping three straight to the Yankees in the Division Series.

3. The Browns are no longer 'Top Dawgs' in the Cleveland sports landscape

There was a time in Cleveland that no matter what their record, no matter how much dysfunction there was in Berea, the Browns were always first in the collective consciousness of fans in this area.

Times are changing.

The Cavs have won a title and have played in three straight NBA Finals. The Indians have made it to the postseason in three of the last six years. And the Browns find new ways to embarrass themselves on and off the field every day. Heck, they have LOST the bye week this week with all of the stumbles in their attempts to get a quarterback. People are not going to First Energy Stadium and are losing total faith in the franchise.

Fans are all-in for the Tribe, who are doing things the right way. They have made bold moves in trades and free agency. Their standing is at the peak that its been since the Dolans took over ownership.

That's why it still hurts.