This is insanely fun.

The Cleveland Indians just keep winning. The streak is now at 22 victories in a row, none tougher, but yet more satisfying than Thursday's extra inning, walk-off extravaganza against the Kansas City Royals.

Unbelievable. This team. This manager. This season.

I thought it was appropriate that the winning run was scored by the guy who should be the American League's MVP, Jose Ramirez, driven in by the guy who has been the perfect late-season addition, Jay Bruce.

Think about Ramirez for a second. This was a guy that was an afterthought two years ago. Jeff Passan of Yahoo! put it in perspective beautifully:

Ramirez's rise to excellence is one that every fan can get behind. He embodies the qualities of this town as a hard-working, yet fun-loving guy. Put him with Francisco Lindor and it's smiles all around.

And then there's Jay Bruce.

The power-hitting Texas-native is having the time of his life with his new team. His presence in the middle of the lineup below Ramirez and Encarnacion has been a big part of igniting the offense down the stretch. The Tribe is now 30-4 since making the post-deadline deal.

22 straight wins. This is amazing.

I've been using the hashtag #RespectTheStreak during this run, mostly as an homage to one of my favorite scenes from the movie 'Bull Durham.'

I have no idea how much longer this streak is going to go. I do know one thing, I refuse to allow carnival-barking trolls to rain on this parade.

If you've listened to sports talk radio or gone on Twitter lately, you've probably seen or heard something to the effect of:

"Oh this streak is nice, but if the Tribe doesn't win the World Series, it won't matter."

"This team would have no chance if it went up against the 1995 Tribe."

"The Indians are only 24th in attendance. No one cares."

Shut up. Enjoy this.

A moment like this literally happens once a century. And while we still try to figure out if indeed the 1916 New York Giants actually did win 26 straight or have a tie somewhere mixed in, it's just more fun to let this sink in.

October is a few weeks away. This team will be ready for the challenges that await them when that time comes.

Until then, as Tribe announcer Tom Hamilton put it perfectly after win number 22 in a row, "History marches on."