Cleveland's Progressive Field takes pride in its diverse array of food offerings.

But how safe is the food you're eating?

Sports Illustrated ranked all MLB ballparks based on food safety. But two ballparks -- Cleveland's Progressive Field and Detroit's Comerica Park -- were omitted from the list.

According to Sports Illustrated, public records requests on the two ballparks went unfulfilled by Cleveland and Detroit. Sports Illustrated says the Cleveland Department of Health confirmed its records request July 12, but failed to answer any follow-ups.

But when WKYC reached out to the city of Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, spokesman Dan Williams said Sports Illustrated didn't submit its records requests to the proper department. When the city was made aware of the request July 31, it asked Sports Illustrated to reach out to the Cleveland Public Records Department, according to Williams. But even now, the department has not formally received a request, Williams says.

Williams also says the city tried to assemble some of the information for Sports Illustrated's request when it learned of it July 31, but the requested data contains more than 300 documents. The city has to sort through every page to check for redactions.

"That's a lot of pages to go through," Williams said. "We didn't have time to turn them all around."

Williams said the Public Records Department is now skimming through the requested documents to submit them to Sports Illustrated.

Of the 28 MLB stadiums including in the list, Seattle's Safeco Field fared best with five total violations. Tropicana Field in Tampa ranked the worst, with 241 total violations, 105 of which were considered "critical."

Data for the rankings was compiled from health inspection records, which are public. But some cities omit details from its records, meaning Sports Illustrated had to request additional data from one-third of the cities including in its rankings.

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