"My guidance counselor used to ask me in high school, 'You know, Terry, you have to put a profession - a vocation' - and I said, 'I did, I am going to be a baseball player.'"

That seems to have worked out pretty well for Cleveland Indians skipper Terry Francona.

Coming into his fifth season at the helm, the Cleveland Indians manager has already led his squad to a Wildcard playoff game during his first season with the organization, as well as a World Series last year, where they fell in one of the most epic Game 7s in World Series history.

Now, the team is back at it, looking even better than before, and it's turning to Tito to lead the way.

But at 57, Francona has already had his share of health issues.

"It gets harder for me physically," he told WKYC's Betsy Kling at the team's training facility in Goodyear, Arizona. "You know, I've dealt with everybody and I have had a lot of things go wrong. It's not going to kill me, but it makes it harder to do this job right. I don't want to short-change anybody because I don't have something that I need to get to. Like I don't have this big, grand dream of going and retiring somewhere and golfing or something. I like what I am doing. I just think there is a level that you have to stay at and I hope that physically, I can do that for a long time because I do love it."

Francona sat down with Betsy Kling this week. The two talked about life, health and baseball. See the interview in the video above and check out WKYC's coverage from spring training here.