Numbers don't lie...right?

How about this formula that started circulating on social media. Four games times 27 outs equals 108. Add that to the Cubs World Series drought, which is 108 years, and you get 216. It is not the only area code being calculated into the equation.

"Lifelong Indians fan,” said Angie Brown. “Love my Tribe."

Angie Brown and her two brothers grew up with baseball in their blood.

“I was the bat girl so I love baseball,” said Brown.

When she moved to Hawaii 12 years ago, she took her love for the Indians with her. But for Game 1 of the World Series, she brought that love back to the CLE.

“1, 2, 3 strikes you're out,” said Brown.

There was a lot of that Tuesday night. It was the third time the Cubs got shutout this postseason. According to ESPN, of the last seven teams to get shutout three or more times in the postseason, only one of them went on to win the Fall Classic. Angie knows numbers add meaning to life.

“My area code is 808,” said Brown. “I was so stoked when I saw what time the starting time was 808. That's the sign. 808 we're going to win this one.">

Another sign is the winner of Game 1 of the World Series has gone on to win the whole thing 70 times, which is about 63 percent. Guess what? Angie's youngest brother John, was born in 1963!

Brown added, “Yup. It's gotta be."

And when you have that one brother…

“We think he might be adopted because he is a cubs fan,” said Brown. “We will let him go ahead and root for his team because he did not get to last night."

You have to remind him numbers do not lie.