NEW YORK CITY -- Tom Hanks can’t get enough of the Cleveland Indians.

“I’m rooting for the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series,” the award-winning actor proudly declared Monday night during a lengthy interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Hanks started his professional acting career at what is now the Great Lakes Theater.

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“I know the entire world, three-legged dogs and orphan children are all rooting for the Chicago Cubs. I realize that. But you do not do three long, hot summers doing Shakespeare in Cleveland blowing time watching the Cleveland Indians play at a park that I swear was called at the time Cleveland Municipal Lakefront Stadium.”

Hanks said he would accept Armageddon as the only other outcome of the World Series if the Indians can't win it.

Just a few days earlier, Hanks set social media on fire with a “Go, Tribe” shout-out at the end of Saturday Night Live.