Mini baseball bats, batting helmets, and bobbleheads.

Those are just a few ways for fans to remember this World Series run by the Indians. But what if you are looking to cash in?

We went to Serena Harrigan, CEO of Gray's Auctioneers, who has seen an increase of sales with Tribe souvenirs.

"For the 1948 World Series, somebody had 6 tickets and they were all used, but they were kept and they sold recently at auction for $150 bucks," Harrigan says.

But what makes some souvenirs worth thousands of dollars? Harrigan says in those cases, you need to be looking for the unique items, things that are rare and not in mass quantity.

So if you're a Tribe fan looking to cash in later down the line, Harrigan says the things you should keep are, "Baseballs. See if you can get them signed. Also, pennants and memorabilia like bobble heads which also do very well." She also believes that anytime you can buy a souvenir hat or jersey, go for it.

Although you don't have to keep everything, you should think twice. And Harrigan offers this advice, "When the Plain Dealer comes out tomorrow morning with us winning the World Series, keep that. It's definitely one to keep."