Kyrie Irving never ceases to amaze.

The former Cavalier, now Boston Celtic guard is with his team in Milwaukee on Thursday night for a matchup with the Bucks.

The game is being played at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, the venue that used to be called 'The MECCA,' where the Bucks held their home games from 1977-1988. So to have some fun, the Bucks painted the floor in the old school design of the MECCA.

Sounds cool, right? Not to Kyrie. Watch him below per ESPN's Chris Forsberg on Twitter:

Forsberg was kind enough to transcribe the conversation in his story:

"I'm all about safety, so we'll see how it is on my knees, see how it is on everyone's bodies," said Irving. "I know this is a pretty older court and it looks like it's fresh painted as well. I'm just going to do my assessment and go from there."

When a reporter suggested it's a newer court that was simply painted, Irving remained skeptical.

"It took me three steps to realize this is not the same NBA court I'm used to playing on," said Irving. "We'll see what's up."

According to the Bucks, Thursday’s replica court is not in fact an “older court” but was recently made with the same wood and paint to match the original.

Here’s how we made it:

— Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) October 26, 2017

That's Thursday's episode of 'As the World Turns,' starring Kyrie Irving. Or stays flat, in his case.