"Over the past year, I’ve achieved more than I ever dreamed. I’ve also had more taken away than I ever knew I could handle," said Cleveland Cavaliers' Center Channing Frye in an article in The Players' Tribune.

In an article in The PlayersTribune posted Friday entitled 'Sorry for yelling, Now let's go get a juice box,' the Cleveland Cavaliers' Center Channing Frye talks about his relationships with his teammates and how losing both of his parents within weeks of each other has affected him.

One memorable line in the article reads "Looking back, the only thing that could bring me out was a heavy dose of love from my family, my teammates and this city. And the city of Cleveland as a whole has been amazing. I can’t explain to you how much the fans help, just knowing that you have all this love and support."

It ends with: "My point is, our forces combined gets the job done. That includes the fans. You’re on this journey with us, so ride with us. Make that arena louder. Wear more Cavs gear. Be the most annoying Cavs fans possible. We’re not taking any of this for granted. Let’s make history."