You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

Has the news of Chauncey Billups officially coming to the Cavaliers to become their head of basketball operations been Ice Cube?

If you believe a report by TMZ Sports, yes.

The rapper/actor is the creator of BIG3, a professional 3-on-3 league made up of former NBA greats and players. Billups was due to play for the "Killer 3's" apparently.

When asked by TMZ who he thought was the favorite to win the championship in the league's inaugural year, Ice Cube replied, "It was the Killer 3's (led by Chauncey and Stephen Jackson) for a minute but since Chauncey took that job, it might change."

Billups reportedly is meeting with the Cavaliers for a second time on Wednesday.

We'll see if 'it was a good day' of negotiations.