ID=12295469I have felt from the time LeBron James left Cleveland after "The Decision" that he would return to play for the Cavaliers again one day. I even made a substantial bet with a friend of mine that it would happen, but that "one day" does not necessarily mean this year. Following Twitter over the last few days, it's impossible to think James is not coming back. You would think it's a done deal, as if LeBron has told so many out there of his decision. I think some people are throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks. I can't go a day, let alone an hour without someone asking me if LeBron is coming back. I don't know as the answer is just a guess! One thing I feel certain about is LeBron is the only one that knows for certain what he will do, and James himself will decide when and how the news will be broken. If you remember, his decision in 2010 did not get out to the public and that is not common in the social media world we now live in. I don't know for a fact, but I am going to guess his agent, Rich Paul, doesn't even know at this point. However, I believe many close to LeBron, perhaps even his family, want him to return to Cleveland.

I see signs that point to LeBron staying in Miami or signing with the Cavs. Neither will shock me. The only decision that would surprise me is if James signs with another team in another city. LeBron will get his money, but the city he chooses to play in will be the place where he feels he can win the most championships, and that, my friends, is the bottom line.

Underlying considerations will be Heat president Pat Riley, fellow free-agent guard Dwyane Wade, the letter written by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, returning to Akron, but if you think it has anything to do with the feelings of Cleveland fans…I think you're mistaken. Many feel LeBron would not let this drag on and then, break your hearts again. Whether you love or hate LeBron, he did not create this wild buzz in Cleveland. He simply opted out of his deal in Miami, which was a smart move. What do you expect him to do? Come out and announce his decision right away without figuring out exactly what his best move is? And while I don't think Miami is the long-term solution to winning a lot of championships, and a five-year deal there would surprise me, what if Riley is able to convince James that it can be a place to continue to win titles based on different moves?

And if LeBron leaves Miami, he will be turning on yet another fan base after telling them he came there to win "not one, not two…" but eight or more championships. Of course, he can turn on them like he did Cavs fans, but is he ready to do that?

If LeBron comes back to Cleveland, he will tell you that one of the reasons is for redemption with Cleveland fans, but I'm not sure I will buy that. It will, however, make for a great story if it does happen. I also find it interesting that many fans just think Cleveland gives him the best chance to win.

Well, of course, LeBron alone makes any team an instant playoff squad and possible title contender, but not a guaranteed championship team. Will Kyrie Irving or Anderson Varejao stay healthy for an entire season? Can Anthony Bennett prove he is not a bust? Can Dion Waiters get along with Irving? We believe Andrew Wiggins will be great, but it still has to happen, and by the way, LeBron wasn't able to get it done here the first time around (I know the reasons why) and the franchise never has.\

I will say this… I do believe if all goes right, the Cavs will win a title with LeBron, but if he doesn't come here, I just don't see it happening. Built the way they are right now, the Cavs are years away from being able to beat the superior teams in the NBA.

I will finish with this. I hope LeBron James makes the decision to come back. It would be one of the best sports stories of all-time in any city. Also, I have been saying for years that this city would welcome him back with open arms and "The Q" would rock again for every Cavs home game. Based on what I have seen and heard from Cleveland fans, I certainly think that is true!

Let's just hope that LeBron says he's taking his talents back to "The Q," but until he says he's coming home, I won't believe it.