The Cleveland Cavaliers will attempt to #DefendTheLand when the NBA Playoffs start this Saturday.

All across downtown Cleveland, on banners and t-shirts, fans will see the #DefendTheLand slogan, as it's the Cavs' official motto this postseason.

But the Cavs had to strike a deal with a local entrepreneur to use the phrase.

Tony Madalone, owner of Cleveland's Fresh Brewed Tees, owns the copyright to "Defend the Land." As a result, the team reached out to him and the two reached a partnership deal.

That means Fresh Brewed Tees and the Cavs will co-brand on all #DefendTheLand gear, which will be available in the team shop and on Fresh Brewed's website. The shirts go to print Friday afternoon and will be ready for sale Saturday.

Fresh Brewed has been using its #DefendTheLand slogan since 2014 and Madalone feels like Cleveland fans have made it their own.

"It's the perfect embodiment on Clevelanders in general," Madalone said. 

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