INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- The mission for the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason is simple, do what is necessary to win games and break a postseason drought.

The Cavaliers finished the 2013-2014 season at 33-49, and failed to qualify for the postseason for the fourth straight year, but after meeting with his players for their exit interviews, interim general manager David Griffin knows the team is committed to winning.

"Their level of disappointment in our result is significant," Griffin said Tuesday at the Cavaliers' training facility in Independence. "To a man, they all believed that if we could start a new season tomorrow, we would've had a much better run together.

"Spiritually, they're very connected to each other and the mission to improving and getting better, which is what I expect from everybody in this organization. From ownership on down, we are all committed to making enormous strides to improve. That's what myself and my staff will be doing today and tomorrow."

Part of those "enormous strides" Griffin talked about is a change in the mindset of how to build and shape the roster.

"We've been something that may best be described as 'asset accumulation mode,' and what I'd like to see us be in is 'target acquisition mode,'" Griffin said. "We need to take the steps we need to, to get better.

"We have the asset value on this roster, in terms of veterans that are well thought of, young players that are extremely talented, draft picks in the future, our current draft pick, cap space, an owner that will spend money and stop at nothing to succeed. We have the things we need to be attractive while we go look for the right pieces."

Griffin said the front office has "everything we need to shift from acquiring assets to acquiring the right assets," and with those considerable assets, he has outlined where the Cavaliers will look to improve in the offseason.

"We need to be bigger," Griffin said. "We need to be much smarter as a team. Our basketball IQ needs to improve. Our shooting needs to improve. I feel strongly that our toughness needs to improve.

"Those are things we need to address, all in the confines of fit. There is no isolated one-person decision that is made. They're all interconnected. As we start to build the team moving forward and look at those pieces that are the high-value targets, they're going to have some combination of those things."

In addition to winning, Griffin is focused on rewarding the fans, who filled Quicken Loans Arena to near capacity crowds throughout the season despite the team's struggles.

"I've never seen anything like this fan base consistently," Griffin said. "It's why we feel such an incredible sense of urgency. They've been that way, consistently, throughout this process. When we were going through the process of losing a few games in a row our first few years together, we were selling games out with people ready to watch us get a win. This fan base deserves a radically better product.

"This fan base deserves and demands that we deliver a better product, and we are going to do that. Everything we do is geared toward that. The one takeaway from those meetings that I found very encouraging is that everybody that walked out of here had an awful lot of good things to say about this organization, this ownership group and the way they were cared for as players.

"This organization goes to unbelievable lengths to take care of players, and they recognize and appreciate that. The veterans that have been here and been in other organizations have shared that with the younger players who haven't been anywhere else. People walk out of here with a real understanding of who this organization is going to be and a heightened sense of urgency about what we need to achieve."