The Cavs and Kyrie Irving agreed to a new contract extension. Five years, $90 million according to reports. That's a lot of money, but my take, the Cavs really had no choice.

Kyrie can't sign it until July 10, but the important thing for the Cavs is he will be signing it.

There are negatives with Kyrie. He has battled through numerous injuries, missing a ton of games. There were rumblings that he didn't want to be here. Losing is frustrating. And is he enough of a leader on the court, and more importantly, in the locker room?

All that aside, he's the best thing going for the Cavs right now. He is the foundation of the rebuilding, because let's face it, odds say LeBron is staying in Miami.

$90 million for Kyrie will keep Cavs fans coming to the Q, and with the addition of Andrew Wiggins, the Cavs can now talk playoffs. Not championship. That's where they need LeBron. But in the East, where the only roadblock is Miami, the Cavs needed to sign Kyrie, before he got any thoughts of making his own decision to join LeBron on South Beach.


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