We've entered another day in the talks between the Cavs and Wolves for a trade involving Kevin Love. I've been saying all along the Cavs need to make this trade, even if it means sending Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota.

But what about this? There was a good debate on ESPN. Is the right player even being mentioned in the talks? Would you trade Kyrie Irving straight up for Kevin Love?

Well, let's look at it. If you could pull this off, you would then keep Wiggins, Bennett, Waiters and draft picks. Kyrie has never played a full season due to injuries, so there are questions about his durability. And if there are problems with Dion, you eliminate that, although I don't worry about locker room leadership now that LeBron is here.

On the other hand, you now have Kyrie for the next six years.. It will cost you $90 million. He wants to play with LeBron and it seems like the feelings are mutual. Kyrie is already all-star status.

I'm not as quick to pull off this trade. I still like Kyrie, LeBron and Love as the best Big 3 to win a title quicker. That team makes you the best in the East for years to come and the best to challenge the West for a championship.

I will say LeBron and Love are the most important two pieces to making a championship happen. I don't see the Cavs trading Kyrie after signing him long-term, but this straight up deal is full of intrigue. I will give it that.


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