Sunday's loss to Golden State was another bad showing from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite LeBron James recording his eighth career Finals triple-double, Cleveland failed to keep up with the Warriors' potent offense.

Down 0-2 in the Finals, it's no surprise that James wasn't in the mood for any nonsense. And after a certain exchange with a reporter in the locker room, it's no surprise James decided to skip the podium to address the media.

"Is this a case where you need to defend home court at this point?" the reporter asked.

"Ah, well I mean, are you a smart guy?" James retorted.

"I think so," the reporter replied.

"You think so? So we don't defend home court, what happens?" James asked.

"Then you guys are looking at getting swept," the reporter answered.

"All right, so that answers your question," James concluded.

The series moves to Cleveland Wednesday, where yes, the Cavaliers must win at least one game to avoid being swept.