For the first time this preseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers trotted out their regular season opening night starting lineup, but they'll still have to wait for their first victory with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade sharing the floor.

The Cavs fell to the Chicago Bulls by a score off 108-94 on Tuesday night, dropping their preseason record to 0-4.

James, who made his preseason debut, tallied 17 points to go along with 8 turnovers, while Derrick Rose added 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

What follows is a live blog on Tuesday night's preseason action, complete with highlights and updates.

6:10 - Bulls 93, Cavs 78

Cavs starters indeed done for the night, which should just about wrap this thing up unless J.R. Smith and Kyle Korver can get hot from the outside.

End of third quarter: Bulls 72, Cavs 67

Cavs keeping it close, but their starters appear to be done for the night. Will be interesting to see how this one wraps up.

James with 17 points, Rose with 13, 5 & 5.

4:36 remaining in the third: Bulls 64, Cavs 57

In a game of runs, the Bulls have regained the lead. More concerning for the Cavs, however, is Kevin Love just let the game in the middle of a play and is having his knee looked at by a trainer.

8:45 remaining in third: Cavs 55, Bulls 52

Cavs open the second half on a tear, ripping off a 13-2 run that's included 3s from Kevin Love and Derrick Rose and a LeBron James dunk. Cavs starting unit playing with energy it didn't seem to have in the first half.

Halftime: Bulls 50, Cavs 42

The Cavs stretched their lead to as many as 9 points, but fell behind again when the starters re-entered the game. The sloppiness of the Cleveland starters continued, with the team now up to 13 turnovers on the night. Cavs are also struggling from long distance, having made just 3 of 12 3-point tries.

One second-quarter highlight: Jeff Green's monster one-handed alley-oop from Derrick Rose.

7:11 left in 2nd quarter: Cavs 34, Bulls 27

A big burst from the Cavs second-team sparks a 14-3 run, which has seen impressive efforts from Rose, Thompson and Smith. It's only the preseason, but the Cavs sure do look more comfortable without LeBron as opposed to a season ago.

End of 1: Bulls, 24, Cavs 20

A sloppy first quarter for the Cavs (9 turnovers), but Cleveland narrows the gap thanks to a short burst from James, who exits the quarter with 11 points.

J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and Jeff Green all make appearances off the bench for Cleveland.

4:31 left in the first quarter - Bulls 16, Cavs 10

Cavs struggling with some early chemistry and have six turnovers to show for it (three alone from LeBron). James, however, does have six points, including back to back dunks before the timeout.

From a substitution standpoint, Derrick Rose came off the floor first and was replaced by Iman Shumpert, who's playing backup point guard tonight.