CLEVELAND -- Former Cavs coach David Blatt may no longer be with the team, but he’s celebrating their championship title with a ring of his own.

Blatt told basketball reporter David Pick that the Cavs offered him a ring.

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“I graciously accepted because they presented it to me in a way that was very respectful,” Blatt is quoted on Pick’s Twitter account. “The Cavaliers wanted to give me a ring because the organization felt that I contributed to the championship. It’s not my championship, I recognize that, but I also feel that I did something there, and I graciously accepted because it was a gracois (sic) offer on their part. The big thing for me was that I felt that they felt that it was earned, not given, therefore I was happy to accept.”

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Blatt’s coaching position with the Cavs was terminated in January.

He was replaced by Tyronn Lue.