No matter who wins the NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, it looks like Anderson Varejao may be rocking a new championship ring.

Varejo spent 12 years with the Cavs before he was part of a three-team trade in February.

After being waived by the Portland Trail Blazers, he joined the Warriors.

Around the time of the trade, Cleveland GM David Griffin said he felt like Varejao had "exemplified everything that we want a Cavalier to be about," making the trade a tough call.

“It made this trade an incredibly difficult one to do, both on a human level and in a real sense," Griffin said earlier this year. "It was a very difficult phone call to have. There’s very little I’ve enjoyed less in my professional career than letting him know that he was traded.”

And those warm and fuzzy feelings may be enough to earn Varejao a new ring from either team.

The sure-fire way, of course, is if the Warriors win the series.

Another path?According to the Washington Post, if the Cavs take the title, the organization "may choose to honor his loyalty by granting Varejao a ring."

"The concept that Varejao would be awarded a championship ring should the Cavaliers win the title is based on the notion that owner Dan Gilbert would note Varejao’s contribution’s to the organization, both in past seasons and the current one, and award him a ring as a sign of goodwill and appreciation," writer Nick Martin noted.

But as a post on The Big Lead points out, the new bling isn't guaranteed.

"Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers could choose to give him a ring based on his decade-plus of service to the team and the fact that he was on the team until February, but would you expect Dan Gilbert to do the right thing," writer Stephen Douglas asked. "This is the guy who… well… he traded Anderson Varejao in the first place."

The race for the ring begins tonight at 9 p.m.