The story still dominating sports talk is the alleged racist comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Now some are saying the Clippers should boycott Game 5 tomorrow night in Los Angeles.

My Take: I disagree -- unless it's what the players really want. I will support the players in their decision.

I applaud the Clippers for this protest when they took off the warm-ups at half court, and then wore their shirts inside out, not showing the team logo.

But I wouldn't boycott. That only hurts the players, employees and the fans who have stuck with this franchise during so many miserable years. The team came out flat against the Warriors, and with this distraction, who knows how long they'll last in the playoffs?

But play the game, support these players and if these allegations are true, then the NBA has to do everything possible to quickly punish and get rid of Donald Sterling. He has no place in sports or business.

Major League Baseball had a similar situation with Marge Schott in the 90's and forced her to sell the Reds. If all of this is true, Sterling should not make another penny off fans and players. From tomorrow night's game, pay the players and the workers, but then the profit should go into a fund that fights racism.

Baseball survived without Marge Schott. I believe the NBA will do the same once Sterling is removed. But if they can't get him to leave, then the distraction will last a long time.


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