Hero. Role Model. Mentor. Leader. Humanitarian. Good Samaritan.

Those words were written across several signs placed near the home of Cleveland Cavaliers' star LeBron James in Bath Township, just about a day after his Los Angeles home was vandalized with racist graffiti.

“Immediately I thought this is not right, it’s not fair and I want to go over and do something," said Jennifer Pennington.

Pennington, an Akron Public Schools teacher who is currently on maternity leave, has admired how James has given back to the community where he calls home. In April, James announced that the LeBron James Family Foundation would be teaming up with Akron Public Schools to create a new school in the city.

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After learning about the reported vandalism at James' home, Pennington wanted to share a message of love and support, posting an idea on Facebook to make several signs and place it in front of his Bath Township home.

"I just wanted to make sure our voice was heard a little louder than that hate."

The support and encouragement she received from others helped push her to take action and create three signs with six words describing James.

"The first word that came to mind was hero."

The morning after learning about James' home being vandalized, Pennington stopped by the NBA star's home and spoke to a security guard who told her she could place the signs across the street.

Pennington said her family has watched James grow up, noting that her mother, Edie Bowers, was James’ teacher in Kindergarten. The Akron Beacon Journal published a note written by Bowers when she named young James Student of the Month.

The signs near James' home have since been taken down, but Pennington hopes the message of positivity leaves a lasting impact.