CANTON -- The owner of a cupcake store in Canton is getting international attention. Not for his delicious treats, but for a Facebook posting predicting LeBron's return.

The trays at Caroline's Cupcakes are almost empty.

One flavor, "Gone Bananas," might best describe the owner's life after running into a friend he calls from the "inner circle of Lebron's people."

"In my eyes, he's a fairly reputable source. His phone was going off, and off and off so I asked what was going on. He said LeBron is coming back. It's a done deal, his words to me," said owner Jonathan Gotshall.

Gotshall repeated those words, in a Facebook post.

Ever since, he's gotten calls from ESPN, the Washington Post, local TV and international online media.

"When something goes viral it goes viral," said Gotshall. "It certainly wasn't my intention for that to be the case. Here we are 48 hours later and it's crazy."

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Many customers had no idea the source of their cupcakes is also the source of the LeBron talk.

"Maybe I did see it on Facebook? You? You started it?" said customer Stephanie Spitale as she pointed across the counter to Jonathan.



Even Jonathan says, take it with a grain of salt, so to speak.

It's only a talk right now, but Jonathan hopes it's true.

If so, he might even bake up LeBron's favorite cupcake.

"I know for a fact that he's a fan of red velvet. He's posted it on his Instagram that he loves Savannah's red velvet. If he comes back we' ll certainly send him something," smiled Jonathan.