CLEVELAND -- LeBron James' former coach and family friend Dru Joyce joins WKYC's Jim Donovan in studio to talk about James' career, watching him grow up, the controversy around his departure from the Cavaliers and the multiple meanings behind his return.

Joyce was quick to point out that despite the fact that James left the Cavs, he never left behind his hometown Akron community.

"No, nothing changed. He continued to do the same charitable work he did before he left," Joyce said. "He never left."

Joyce talks about the bond between James and his high school teammates, their journey together and their input in this "second decision." He also shares some interesting insights into how James developed his incredible skills at a very young age.

They also discuss LeBron's original decision: Whether to declare for the NBA draft or head to college.

Catch the whole interview, uncut, in the video on this story.