Here's my take. The next few days are the most important in Cavs' franchise history.

They have made their pitch to LeBron. If they can get him, it's even bigger than the first time he was here. LeBron is more mature, he's the best in the game, and he knows how to win championships.

The Cavs are one of four teams that have met with LeBron's agent this week, according to multiple reports. The others are the Suns, Rockets and Mavericks. The Suns pitch was they'll go after LeBron and his buddy, Carmelo Anthony. That's the same proposal that will be given today when the Lakers are in town.

But the Cavs presentation was about the future. Kyrie Irving is here long-term, Andrew Wiggins has been drafted, and the Cavs have three first-round draft picks next year.

LeBron wants max money but, more important, is the roster he'll be playing with. The only way he gets rid of the bitter taste of losing to the Spurs this year is by swigging down championship champagne again.

If this current roster is not enough, trade Wiggins in a package deal and get Kevin Love from Minnesota. The Wolves want their own youth movement. I would take Love over Wiggins and pieces.

Why wait? The time is now. LeBron's days in Miami are on fragile ground because the Big 3 can't agree. Those beautiful beaches are more like quicksand, and LeBron's chances of winning another title could be slipping away.

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