The Browns and Cavs have done something that is very tough to do. They've become relevant without winning.

The sports world is now focused on Cleveland and it's not because of bad losses and bad decisions. Although it was bad losses and bad decisions that got us to this point.

Johnny Manziel has brought the national media to Browns camp. And after winning the NBA draft lottery, Cavs GM David Griffin is getting calls from teams wanting to trade for the pick. Yes, the calls are coming into Cleveland.

You have an almost guaranteed superstar if you keep the pick. Or, do you trade for an already established star like Kevin Love of Minnesota? I love 'Love". Big man, force on the boards and can shoot the three.

But winning the lottery also has the Cavs back in the conversation for LeBron. If Miami doesn't win the title, and, if it appears with Wade's health it's going to be an uphill climb in the future, why wouldn't LeBron want to come back?

Bringing a title to this franchise puts him right up there with Michael Jordan's 6 rings. Kyrie, Love or the top pick, and LeBron, fill in some pieces and you've quickly got the best team in the Eastern Conference. Make this happen and the Cavs can swipe the board clean of past mistakes.

I know it's still a longshot to get LeBron, but it's better than the 1.7 percent chance you overcame in the lottery. If you truly want a championship, LeBron is your best chance. Maybe your only chance.

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