Last Friday, the Cavs got LeBron James back. This Friday, will they land Kevin Love?

I've said all along the Cavs have to make this deal. The Timberwolves have said all along they would only make the deal if it included top pick Andrew Wiggins.

Fine. Make the deal. Stop waiting.

I know some of you still disagree with me. You like Wiggins. He's young. He has tremendous potential. I get it..

But Love is proven: All-star, 26 points/12 rebounds last year. Second time in his career he's done that.

LeBron didn't win it this year with Bosh. Love is better. Kyrie is better than Wade in his current condition.

If you keep Wiggins, you're in the running in the East. Trade him, bring in Love and you're running away with the East. You also have a better chance of beating the West in the finals.

LeBron doesn't want to waste years. He just wasted one without getting a title. If LeBron did reach out to Kevin Love, then that's the sign he wants to win "now". Don't lose out by letting Golden State stay in the talks. Make the trade now and I will cancel all my plans for next June.


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