With Miami's win Sunday night, the NBA Finals are now even at 1-1, but to me, it doesn't feel even.

I'm still sticking with my prediction, Spurs win in 7 games, but the momentum swing last night is almost scary.

LeBron answered all his critics from Game 1, the fans who made fun of him cramping up and the fans who called him a quitter. Have you ever had a cramp from dehydration? Not fun. It's painful.

LeBron answered by scoring 35. The Spurs couldn't stop him.

This series took a big swing in Miami's favor, and it will only come back to San Antonio's side if they figure out how to stop LeBron. This series has to be tied going into Game 5, because if Miami wins the next two, this will be over.

I asked the question yesterday. Why did so many fans rally behind California Chrome's owner when he made excuses for losing the Belmont? But when LeBron did not make excuses from Game 1 and the cramps, he was still ripped.

I get there's still hatred. Some of you will never let "the decision" go. But if the Spurs don't answer, LeBron will by holding up a third straight championship trophy.

At this level, on this big of a stage, no one can change a game, or a series as quickly as LeBron.


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