The NBA playoffs begin this weekend. Besides the Cavs missing out, there's no Lakers, Celtics or Knicks. The NBA missing three traditional powerhouse franchises.

It's even more reason why the NBA needs LeBron and the Heat to at least make it to the Finals. The path is not a bad one for the Heat. Charlotte first, then maybe a second round match-up against the Nets. And then most likely a dysfunctional Indiana team or the Bulls in the Eastern finals.

That's good news for the NBA. It needs the Heat in the finals for any chance at ratings success. It's the Tiger-Masters story all over again. People will then watch the NBA to either cheer for or against LeBron. I said it before, sports and TV shows do better when there are superstars and a villian, and LeBron is both.

By the way, it was just announced James led the league in jersey sales again. No surprise. It doesn't matter who comes out of the west. You have a solid team in San Antonio or the other stars in Kevin Durant of the Thunder or Blake Griffin of the Clippers.

The NBA just needs LeBron.. And I think they'll get their wish.


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