CLEVELAND – LeBron James has announced he is coming home to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Fans couldn't be happier.

The fan elation started with the big reveal, Cleveland is welcoming The King home. It's like a holiday for some. "I'm not missing… the… what is this… the 11th… for the rest of my life," Joey Arko told Channel 3's Hilary Golston.

LeBron's got his old job back. Right across from the Quickens Loans Arena, his office, is Harry Buffalo ---where the staff reveled a "Welcome Home Lebron" sign.

The closest restaurant and bar to the Q decided it had to bring The King back in style. "The enthusiasm and the excitement down here… people are just going crazy… they're so excited," Harry Buffalo manager Caitlin Cassidy said.

Fans lined up to forgive and forget by purchasing "Forgiven" T-shirts, with the number 6 in the title, feigning for the letter "G."

The company Fresh Brewed Tees sold out, but is offering the T-shirts online at

Fans see Lebron James as the final piece in bolstering the image of Cleveland across the nation. "With Manziel coming here… the convention… and now LeBron... things are going well for us," Zach Lindeman said.