MIAMI -- Despite hopes from fans that LeBron James was flying back to Northeast Ohio from his trip to Las Vegas, the NBA superstar is back in Miami.

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LeBron touched down at Miami International Airport shortly after midnight Friday as he returned from his basketball camp event.

The Akron-born basketball sensation was joined on the flight by fellow free agent Dwyane Wade.

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This flight to Florida is stirring the rumor mill once again as the world awaits LeBron to reveal his decision on where he will play next. Will it be the Cavs? The Heat?

It's expected LeBron will reveal his decision on his Web site before leaving for the World Cup this weekend -- but he doesn't have to by then.

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LeBron joined the Heat back in 2010 after making his infamous televised decision to leave the Cavs.

On Thursday, fans gathered outside LeBron's home in Bath Township awaiting word on his latest decision.

LeBron James creates NBA anxiety

Eleven days in, and LeBron James is still a free agent.

Another day of waiting meant a whole new round of rampant rumors and reports, with fans and media members alike looking for clues with the sort of online detective work typically reserved for the latest episode of 24.

If only James worked with Jack Bauer's level of urgency.

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Will he re-sign with the Miami Heat or head back to his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers — a story most could not have imagined four years ago?

Is there any chance he heads elsewhere — to the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets or Los Angeles Lakers? His agent, Rich Paul, spoke to each of those teams about a possible partnership.

No answer just yet, but that certainly didn't stop the media and Twitter users worldwide from feeding this raging fire of speculation.

ID=12515733Plenty were inspired to try to wait it out right on James' lawn, prompting a parody Twitter account. And brands raced to capitalize on the saga.

Tide tweeted out a photo of a Cavaliers James jersey sitting in a box with black tape over it with the caption "Wash away the last four years" on Thursday.

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When Fox Sports Ohio reported that police officers stationed outside James' Akron, Ohio, home were told to expect a 3:30 p.m. ET announcement, James' website,, was so overloaded with traffic that it crashed for about 30 minutes.