The Cleveland Browns have gained no shortage of critics over the course of their ongoing 1-22 run through the past two seasons. It now appears you can add LeBron James to that list.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers' matchup with the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, James was asked about the season-ending triceps injury suffered by his fellow Cleveland superstar, Joe Thomas. And while the Akron native expressed nothing but admiration for the Browns left tackle, he also made it clear that those sentiments don't extend to the team he plays for.

"I've got a lot of opinions on the Browns," James said. "But I'm not going to get into that."

What James would get into was the respect he possesses for Thomas, who hasn't played for a team with a winning record in Cleveland since his rookie season in 2007. James even went as far as to say he pulls more for Thomas than any other member of the Browns, who currently lay claim to an 0-7 record in 2017.

"There was already an appreciation for what he did for the Browns even before [Thomas' 10,363 consecutive snaps streak] was snapped," James said. "Being a Browns fan myself, I hope for a winning season for Joe Thomas before anybody in the whole organization. Just giving up his body every year, being as available as he's been throughout the course of his career.

"I root for him every Sunday more than anybody on the team."

Based on the outpouring support Thomas has received over the past few days, James isn't alone.