Just about everyone is reacting to the Cleveland Indians' historic 21-game winning streak that continued on Wednesday afternoon.

That includes Cavs superstar LeBron James.

In a video posted to UNINTERRUPTED on Wednesday, the four-time NBA MVP sent a message of congratulations to the Cavaliers' next-door neighbors.

"Keep it going," says James. "I was about to say this is incredible, but I want to come back and do another video when you've won 40 in a row."

He paused.

"No pressure, no pressure," James added smiling. "I've had my own winning streak in the NBA of 27 in a row and it's a lot of pressure winning every night." LeBron and the Miami Heat did indeed win 27 straight in 2012-13.

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LeBron also praised the Tribe for their resilience, coming back from last year's World Series loss to the Cubs. "For you to come back and play the way you're playing right now after what happened in the Series is so commendable."

The best moment might be when LeBron said, "The Cleveland WINDIANS is what y'all's name gonna be soon. Hmm, I may want to trademark that....maybe sell a few t-shirts."

I'm pretty sure that's already been covered, LeBron, but nice try.

Enjoy the full video below!