CLEVELAND -- Unlike four years ago, LeBron James won't be holding an ESPN special to reveal where he's playing basketball next.

Instead, the Akron-born NBA sensation will make the big announcement on his own Web site.

Speculation continues to swirl on whether LeBron will be back in a Cavs uniform or if he will stick with the Miami Heat.

Many hopefuls point to his return to Cleveland after looking at where there are a pair of large Akron references. The first is a quote that's in all caps and prominently placed on the homepage. It declares: "Just a kid from Akron, Ohio." His hometown is also showcased in a picture of LeBron wearing a hat with "Akron" plastered across the front.

Could these be hints that LeBron will make a Cleveland comeback?

Basketball insider Chris Sheridan sent social media into a firestorm after posting the following tweet Tuesday night: "Plugged in source says 90 percent chance @KingJames returns to #Cavs. …