LeBron James is Mr. Popularity-- at least among NBA rookies.

On Tuesday, NBA.com released the results of its annual poll of the league's newcomers, with 39 incoming rookies being interviewed for this year's survey. When it came to the question of "who is your favorite player in the league?" James received 31.5 percent of the votes, beating out Oklahoma City Thunder guard and reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook for the top spot.

James' Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Kyrie Irving, finished eighth with 3.7 percent of the votes.

This marks only the second time James has been voted the NBA's most popular player by its incoming class in the eight years since the poll first began. James was also voted the league rookies' favorite player in 2012.

After winning the poll the past three years, Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant finished tied for fifth with 5.7 percent of the vote.

Interestingly enough, Warriors guard Steph Curry didn't receive a single vote.

Full voting results for the question were as follows:

  1. LeBron James -- 31.5%
  2. Russell Westbrook -- 19.4%
  3. Kawhi Leonard -- 8.3%
  4. James Harden -- 6.5%
  5. Kevin Durant -- 5.6%
  6. Draymond Green -- 5.6%
  7. Anthony Davis -- 4.2%
  8. Kyrie Irving -- 3.7 percent

Others receiving votes: Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford, Pau Gasol, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard.