I wasn't surprised that, following the trend of imitating former Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow's sideline "Thinker" stance of praying during games for inspiration, another athlete was drafted into the fray. I just didn't think it was going to be the Heat's LeBron James.

The latest trend is "LeBroning," following what seems to be exaggerated "flops" in an attempt to draw a foul, has people imitating his move in school hallways, malls and city streets.

Certainly Tebow's pensive stance, sometimes with a tear coming from one of his eyes, is the less dangerous of the two moves.

In 'LeBroning,' people are flinging themselves to the floor with seemingly reckless abandon. While the Tebow stance is benign in and of itself, imitating LeBron James seems to have inherent risks but the results are hilarious.

Watch the LeBroning videos

While LeBroning may or may not make the grade in Cleveland, what also interested me was that, at Friday's Nets/Heat game, players wore jerseys with their nicknames on the back, an NBA first. Of course, LeBron's read "King James." To be fair, Nets' Kevin Garnett's jersey read "Big Ticket," which I really like.

So, whether or not you think either Tebowing or LeBroning is something you want to imitate, both have raised the level of professional sports to a more entertaining level.

Then again, maybe not. Tebow is now an SEC announcer, unable to work his QB magic in the NFL. And LeBron becomes available at the end of the season. What are the chances he will return to Cleveland?

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