ASHTABULA -- For the vast majority of the time James Blair has operated the "Come Home Lebron" campaign, it's been mocked. The odds, most figured, were astronomical.

"The haters have quieted down," Blair tells Channel 3's Chris Tye. "As we have grown, and as the LeBron chatter has grown -- especially in the last week -- the people we used to see mocking us, are now in our corner."

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Blair, who remains banned from Quicken Loans Arena after storming the court during a Miami Heat game against the Cavs in Cleveland last March, says LeBron follows his twitter feed -- and is aware of the overall campaign that began that March night.

One month after getting arrested court-side (and getting an 'atta boy from LeBron before being taken away) he and his friends began the @ComeHomeLebron Twitter feed. A month later they convinced sponsors to bankroll hundreds of shirts and a handful of billboards advertising the effort aimed at conveying to LeBron that not everyone in Cleveland was behind the burning of his jersey.

"If he wanted to come back, we still believe in you and still support you."