CLEVELAND -- The long wait is continuing for fans, as they anticipate a decision from free agent forward LeBron James - any day now.

However, the wait may be wearing on some. "It's madness," Ryan Hershner tells Channel 3's Hilary Golston. "I hope he comes back."

The madness turned into mania in downtown Cleveland Thursday evening. Sports fans anticipated a long wait, as they prepared for the Cleveland Indians to take on the New York Yankees in a 7:05 p.m. game.

It was a distraction, but the attention still seemed to swing toward the question of King James. "I heard he's throwing out the first pitch… so that'd be cool," James Hawk remarked from inside the downtown restaurant, Harry Buffalo.

Golston had to ask "you heard that?" "That's what I heard on twitter," Hawk responded. "But, Twitter is acting crazy right now," Golston said. "You can't trust none of that stuff. That's why I don't believe it either," Hawk conceded.

The so-called "Twitterverse" has been all abuzz the last few days, as many people have tried their best to keep track of the latest circulating rumor.

The tweets, coming from all corners, seem more credible to fans when they're attributed to NBA insiders, like Chris Sheridan and Stephen A Smith.

Both of the sports talking heads have predicted LeBron will come back to Cleveland. However, their credence in the sports juggernauts is still not one hundred percent.

"I wouldn't say its a definite," Hershner said. "Him and the manager didn't end off well. There were some words said between them two that… you know they kinda gotta bury the hatchet before he's able to come here on good terms."

If LeBron does come to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Miami Heat, the relationship between the King and team owner, Dan Gilbert is a point of concern for those watching from the sidelines.

"It's hard to forget a letter written by the owner," Sean Tuttle said. "Gilbert's gonna have to deal with a lot of making up to convince LeBron to come back. If LeBron comes back and wins a championship, I think everything will be forgotten and forgiven."

Forgiving and forgetting can be a tall order, depending on how deep the schism is. The rift for fans however seems to be not too wide to stitch back together.

"I'd just like to see him come back, simply because he's the best player in the game," Randy Lewis told Golston. "If you can have the best player in the game, that's what you want."