It was soooooo not 'turrible' to see Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley wearing a Kent State jersey prior to Friday night's matchup between the Golden Flashes and UCLA.

But why was he busting out the gold and blue of Kent State University?

Barkley is having a cold war with LaVar Ball, father of UCLA freshman Lonzo. Ball is very outspoken, and he and Barkley have been taking shots at each other through comments on air and to the media. Barkley decided to use the pregame show on TruTV/CBS/Turner to get his point across with the help of a KSU jersey.

“I have some animosity toward the UCLA program at this particular moment. I got bitter, anger and animosity toward certain people affiliated, not the players, I love Steve Alford. Mr. Ball, the one who can’t play, who averaged two whole points per game. He exploded to average two points per game.

“I’m gonna wear a jersey until they lose. Every team. You know the camera gonna keep following him around. Let me rephrase that. He gonna be following the camera around, so I need them to lose so we can quit showing him. So go Golden Flashes.”