It was an important day for Cleveland Browns nation at the NFL Combine.

Friday's focus was quarterbacks, an obvious topic of interest for the brown and orange.

Top quarterback prospects Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson both addressed the media Friday afternoon, the former paying homage to his Mentor roots and the latter offering an explanation for that video that left some Cleveland fans miffed.

Here are Friday's top three takeaways from Day 4 of the NFL Combine:

1. Trubisky says he's ready to be an NFL QB

Mentor grad and University of North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky said he's ready to play in the NFL. Trubisky excelled in a breakout 2016 season when he took over at QB for the Tar Heels, ranking him fifth in the country with a 68.0 completion percentage. He threw 30 touchdowns and made himself a duel threat, running for 308 yards.

"I just feel like the season I had last year and what I've shown in film and what I'm able to do, I have the tools to be successful in the NFL," Trubisky said. "I've been really well-prepared at North Carolina and I think my game is ready to take that next step."

Trubisky wouldn't say he's the best quarterback prospect in the draft, but reiterated his confidence and acknowledged his hopes of being the first quarterback to be picked.

"I'm confident in my abilities, but that's not really for me to say," he said. "...I'd like to be the first quarterback to go. I think that's everyone's goal and dream. If you're a natural competitor, you want to be first, so that's what we're striving to do here."

2. Trubisky remembers his Mentor roots

Trubisky gave credit to Mentor head coach Steve Trivisonno, noting that his high school coaches remain important assets to him during the draft process.

"Coach Triv, that's my guy, him and Coach Janiak at Mentor, they've pretty much helped me throughout my entire football career from Mentor High School to North Carolina and now, throughout this process," Trubisky said. "They've just been the biggest supporters and big role models and mentors to me throughout this process so I couldn't thank them enough."

3. Watson just joking about Browns

Deshaun Watson said the video in which he begs the Dallas Cowboys to make a trade with the Browns to draft him wasn't meant to insult the Browns. In an explanation offered Friday, Watson said the video was the result of an inside joke.

"It wasn't a diss or anything like that," he said. "If you know the hole story, it was a joke that me and Jason Garrett had last year.

Watson's full explanation was, "I had won the Davey O'Brien the year before, too. The Davey O'Brien [staff] are huge Cowboys fans and they wanted me to joke around and get their crowd excited and get a good laugh. The base behind the story was, at the time, the Cowboys were looking for a quarterback and Tony Romo was hurt. I told them, 'Hey, if I was able to come back [and win] the Davey O'Brien Award again next year, then you have to draft me. That was the joke.

"So [this year] the Davey O'Brien people wanted me to bring that back up and say, 'Hey, I kept my promise, now you've got to keep yours and draft me," Watson continued. "It was an inside joke. Somebody filmed it and put it on social media and made it bigger than what it was. It wasn't a diss to any team or franchise. I would be happy to go anywhere."

Watson also said he wouldn't mind playing for Cleveland.

"My reaction would be excited," he said of the prospect of being drafted by the Browns. "I'd be excited to go up there and play for those guys and Hue Jackson."