It's just about that time.

If you're a fantasy football fanatic, you've likely started scouting players for draft day. But have you thought about your team name this year?

If you're a Dawg Pound diehard, consider these 20 team names to show off your Cleveland Browns loyalty.

  1. DeShon of the Dead
  2. I Would Walk 500 Myles
  3. Myles High Club
  4. Njoku 'Bout It
  5. Drango Unchained
  6. Jabrill Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  7. 100 Meder Dash
  8. Red Hot Jabrilli Peppers
  9. Joen't Be Haden
  10. Kizer Permanente
  11. The Crow's Nest
  12. Duke Johnson of Hazard
  13. Kizer Roll With Hot Peppers
  14. Kevin Hogan's Heroes
  15. Hue Gotta Believe
  16. Oh My God They Killed Kenny Britt
  17. Myles To Go Before We Win
  18. Game of Bones
  19. Brown and Orange Is the New Black
  20. Brock You Like A Hurricane