A local boutique has taken a comedic approach to Sunday's Dawg Pound mishap.

GV Art + Design is taking what most would consider an embarrassing event, and embracing it with a new t-shirt design.

During Sunday's game against the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns cheering section, known as the "Dawg Pound", revealed a 3-piece banner that should have read," Welcome to the Dawg Pound."

Instead, out of order, the banner read, " GPODAWUND."

With a record of 0-8, the Cleveland Browns are often the butt of many jokes, but the individuals at GV + Art are embracing the incident.

The boutique released this new t-shirt design via Twitter Monday.

Fear the GPODAWUND! https://t.co/4NKzCTK730 pic.twitter.com/eC3k0Upx10

— GV Art + Apparel (@GVartwork) October 31, 2016

The shirts are available for $26 on the GV Art+ Design website.

GV Art + Design is a creative boutique that specializes in original artwork and design.